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Grow the largest tree you can.


Drag tiles from the above the tree on to one of the highlighted hexes to grow the tree in the direction(s) indicated by the arrows.

New tiles can only be placed on places that previous tiles point to. Tiles that aren't pointed to become leaves (green tiles) and cannot be placed on.

Each new tile requires some energy and water to place. Tiles may have additional effects depending on the colour:

Blue tiles give you water

Yellow tiles turn water in to energy

White tiles take extra energy to grow on

Click/press and hold on a coloured tile to get information about it.

Game ends when you run out of energy OR have no available spaces to grow

Esc (Back button on Android) - restarts the game

Install instructions

Web player: The web player should automatically start. May require an update and will not work in Chrome.

Windows: Download and unpack the zip file, run the exe file.

Mac: Download the app and run it.

Android: Download the .apk and open it to install. You will need to allow installation of apps from unknown sources, currently.


TreeSim v0_6.apk 19 MB

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